Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often do you ship?
    We ship at least twice a month to Freetown from January to August, then every week for the rest of the year.
  2. How long does it take?
    Approximately 7 weeks. There are companies that do it for transit times but with other restrictions. We will correspond the approximate time of arrival and other relevant information to you as soon as your cargo sails.
  3. Do you deliver to my house in Freetown?
    Yes, but only in Freetown. Delivery is attempted once. Please provide phone numbers to aid our delivery.
  4. Can I pay in Freetown?
    Yes, as long as payment is made on the pick up date.
  5. How much do you charge?
    Charges are assessed by cubic capacity. The items are priced according to its measurement. There are standard items like Barrels, drums, cars, wardrobe boxes, etc which can be quoted.
  6. Are there any additional charges?
    You pay one price. Except for a default on your part, for ex. Returned check, Storage, 2nd delivery attempt, there will be no additional fees.
  7. Do you deliver to the provinces?
    Not at the present time.
  8. How do I pack?
    Goods should be packed in hard back containers, boxes and suitcases are fine as long as they are sturdy. Please wrap chairs, mattresses and similar item that will pick up dirt. No plastic bags will be accepted.
  9. Do you ship containers?
    Yes, we do ship cars, trucks, school buses, tractors etc.
  10. Who do I contact?
    Call us at (732) 991-5993 or email us at
  11. When do I pay?
    Payment is always at time of pick up, except prior arrangement has been made.
  12. How do I label my freight?
    Write directly on the top & side of the package with a permanent marker. Name, address and telephone number of the recipient
  13. When do you pick up?
    We try to pick up on weekends. However special arrangements can be made to match your schedule.